ZenBusiness LLC Service Review in Florida

Getting the hang of what you need to start your business can be a bit of a hassle. Thus, it has been a relief to entrepreneurs far and wide that many business formation services are willing to lend them a helping hand during the initial stages. However, as much as these services are available, picking the right one does not come easy. We will help you narrow down your choices by looking at ZenBusiness LLC formation and why it may or may not work for you.

ZenBusiness Registered Agent in Florida

Being a newcomer in an industry and making it big does not come easy. However, this company came into the picture, finding giants who had been operating for decades on end and emerged as a giant in the end. This success comes down to meeting the needs that were in the market by offering low-cost and effective solutions. Today, we look at this ZenBusiness LLC services review on how this 2015 company came to be a market leader.

What packages does ZenBusiness Florida offer?

The beauty of the levels is that all provide representation and limited liability company formation services. If you look at other service providers operating in this industry, you might find that this is not the case. By offering these options at all levels, the service has differentiated itself from what others have to offer and might be one of the reasons it is leading in the market. What’s more, it also offers discounts during some periods, and if you’re lucky, you can cash in on one of these offers, further bringing the cost down.

ZenBusiness Starter package

For only $49, exclusive of the state fees, you can get:

  • A name search- every company must have an identifier that is unique to it. But truth be told, this is easier said than done. You may have a perfect name in mind only for it not to go through at the approval stage because someone else already claimed it. To prevent this from happening and costing you money and time, you need to be sure of the name’s availability in good time. ZenBusiness in Florida does this for you by enabling you to go through millions of names in its database. From there, you can determine if your identifier is available or not even before moving on with other steps.
  • Document prepping and filing: The authorities require you to file your registration documents before thinking of opening shop. These documents contain vital information about your business and its members, and you need to provide factual and verified details. Otherwise, you can get in trouble with the law. The team gets these details from you and fills them in before handing the documents over to the authorities. You can take a step back and focus on other matters, awaiting a response from the authorities. If you need advice about what you should include, the support team is available to guide you on this.
  • Representation – you may not know this, but once you start an LLC, you must select a person or company that will be the company’s point of contact with the authorities. This go-between receives legal documents and forwards them to you. As much as you can take on this role, the convenience of having someone do it for you is unmatched. For this reason, many people tend to gravitate towards pros who can do this for them. If you use this service to start your company, they will represent you for the year that follows. And get this; they will do it for free! Once this period is over, you can renew the service at a fee or choose another way forward. Another plus of going pro is using the service’s physical address instead of posting your details in public records.
  • An operating agreement-these are the guidelines you need to draft as members of the organization to prepare for likely outcomes. For example, what will you do if one of you wants to leave or sell part of your stake? Being clear on the courses of action protects you from liability and prevents disagreements in the future. You will get a template to help you make these laws.
  • A fiscal assessment- not sure what your decisions will spell for your finances? You can cash in on the free evaluation offered by this company to help you sort through your needs. The upside is that you will get an in-house professional to help with this instead of dealing with a third-party.

ZenBusiness Pro package

If you want more features, you can go with this option that sets you back $199 exclusive of the state fee. In it, you will get everything available to people using the first tier as well as:

  • An EIN: do you know that your company might also need an ID? It comes down to things such as whether you will have employees or if you own the company alongside another person. The good thing is that this ID is free. But getting it might feel like a hassle, and you may want a third party to get this done for you. You can get this as part of the ZenBusiness Florida LLC package.
  • Report prepping and filing: you are probably aware that being late with reports can make you lose your good standing with the state amidst the penalties. If you want to make sure this never happens, you can delegate this task to ZenBusiness to form your business, who will make sure you get your paperwork done on time. Additionally, you can also amend your details twice a year which comes in handy for worry-free compliance as you expand your operations.
  • A banking resolution: as part of your agreement, you will designate the people in charge of handling your finances. And with this comes a resolution where you inform the bank of choice who will deal with such matters. The pro option offers you such a template to add your details and get started on your fiscal journey.

ZenBusiness Premium package

For $299 plus the state fee, you will be privy to this registered agent Florida tier that has everything in the first two levels as well as:

  • A domain name: going digital has become essential in this age of technology, and having a domain name that matches your business identifier helps you gain online exposure.
  • Domain name privacy: you can keep your information private to prevent getting unnecessary attention from people visiting your site. Your details can remain private even as you operate the site.
  • Speedy processing: one main reason why people go for this ZenBusiness LLC Florida tier is the rush in processing. Every other order comes after yours as long as you choose this level that comes in handy for people in a hurry.
  • An email address: you can anticipate a bevy of emails once you get your operations going, and with this tier, you get up to 5GB of storage space accompanying your business email account.
  • A website: you will also get help with building a website, further increasing your business exposure.

If you would like more information on what’s available in each tier, please look at these pricing plans.

Pros & Cons


  • Simplicity: even for beginners, navigating the processes is relatively easy, and you can finish the steps without the need for tech support. However, if you need help, you can easily get it by engaging the support team via different modes.
  • Affordability: the base point is much cheaper than most of its competitors, who have rates starting at about $100. Additionally, it includes basic offerings and has a range of addons available to people who may want more than essentials. This variation is a huge plus, and you do not have to pay for things you do not need.
  • Customer support: the team is readily available, and this has helped the company earn thousands of good reviews on various platforms. You can check these out for a general feel of the environment.
  • Inclusiveness: the features help you start and maintain your company by offering maintenance and registered agents Florida services.
  • Social consciousness: part of the profit goes into empowering disadvantaged groups in society.


  • Recurring fees: you must cancel the registered agent services in Florida feature; else, you will pay for it in subsequent years.

Should You Start an LLC With ZenBusiness in Florida?

You must choose ZenBusiness if you:

  • Are interested in getting a good experience with tech support. If the reviews are anything to go by, this service strives to provide its clients with the best possible support.
  • Want to save some money by choosing a reasonably priced service. Not only is the pricing fair but it also enables you to get a host of features.
  • Would like to work with a company that works on uplifting the society.

Do not choose ZenBusiness LLC Service or find an alternative to it if you:

  • As much as it offers speedy processing, some of its competitors have better rush times.
  • Would prefer to work with a service that has a long history.