Rocket Lawyer LLC Service Review in Florida

What Is Rocket Lawyer in Florida? 

Business operations are not straightforward and sometimes, entrepreneurs need a service to help them navigate legal aspects. This company was formed with this in mind and has been operating since 2008, having served millions of customers this far. Instead of only helping people to set up LLC in Florida, it also provides legal and representation services at a fee. The affordability and simple nature of its structure have made it appealing to the masses who have purchased its products in throngs. Here is what makes Rocket Lawyer in Florida stand out from the fray:

What packages does Rocket Lawyer Florida offer?

Unlike most of its competitors which divide services into tiers, each with varying features, this Florida LLC registered agent simplifies its packages by offering two of these. You can either proceed with the purchase as a member or you can subscribe to their services and get more perks.

How much does Rocket Lawyer cost?

Non-Member Package

This Rocket Lawyer package costs a services one-time fee of $99.99 and applies to people who want to form a company with no strings attached. Under Florida LLC formation, you receive:

  • A name search as a preliminary to any applications. If your preferred name is not available, you can look for other options before spending money on anything else.
  • Help with drafting and filing your registration documents which are then sent to the authorities. Once the paperwork is approved, you will get confirmation of the same, enabling you to officially start your operations.
  • Storing your documents on their secure platform. Anytime you need access to your registration documents, you can view them on the platform. It makes paperwork less involving and messy.
  • Accessing your documents physically. While online access may be convenient, it might not be the best option for you. The team in this company more than understands this and will send hard copies to you for filing.
  • Customer support. Anytime you feel you are having a hard time with the processes, you can either contact the team via the contact form or call them. Not only are they readily available but also helpful.

Premium Member

This company bases its premise on offering legal services and mostly focuses on this aspect. That’s not to say that business formation takes a backseat. Instead, they bundle the two in one service and offer these as a monthly membership plan for $39.99. If you are not sure this is the best option for you, they allow you to try the subscription for free for 7 days. If the trial period ends and you are yet to opt out, you are liable to the monthly fee. However, you still have room to opt out even after the charges have started. This service includes:

  • All the formation services offered to non-members
  • Access to legal documents which you can edit, download and share as needed. As part of the subscription, you will get the documents reviewed by an attorney to make them hold up in a court of law.
  • The ability to get advice from a lawyer concerning your operations.
  • A half-hour consultation opportunity with a lawyer for every hurdle you come across.
  • Access to attorney services at a discounted rate
  • A discount of future incorporation services as well as a cut on the representation services

Pros & Cons


  • Legal services. The site is home to a wide range of legal services available to its members coupled with access to experienced attorneys. Additionally, anyone under this regular legal support program can get their company formed at no extra charge.
  • Trial period. If you are not sure about the program, you can try it out first. If you are not happy with it, you can cancel the subscription without paying any fee. Furthermore, there is a satisfaction guarantee available to customers within 30 days of purchase. Depending on the issue raised, you can even get all your money back.
  • Customer support. The team is available for 12 hours every weekday to help with any issues arising during the processes.
  • Reviews. The company has served millions of customers and currently has a good rating on various online platforms.


  • Cost. Compared to other players in the market, their non-member pricing is pretty steep. The cost is fair to members, though, who get free formation services with their subscription.
  • Their formation turnaround time is not as good as that of some of its competitors.

Should You Start an LLC With Rocket Lawyer in Florida?

You might want to refuse using Rocket Lawyer’s services if:

  • All you want is to form a company and you do not need extra legal services. Given their high starting base price, you may want to consider cheaper options.
  • You want free representation services as a perk for using LLC with Rocket Lawyer formation services. Most of its competitors offer this, and for a much lower price point.
  • You want a company with good reviews regarding experience and professionalism.

You should choose Rocket Lawyer if:

  • You want access to their legal services. Given the affordability of the program, you would get value for your money without the hassle that comes with hiring an attorney. 
  • You are not sure about the subscription and want to try it first for free to understand if it can work for you.
  •  You like having attentive customer support staff to guide you with the processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of the rocket lawyer’s office in the state of Florida?

As part of the services offered by this company, they also act as a point of contact for businesses. This way, they receive legal documents on your behalf, enabling you to focus on the core functions of your business. Additionally, this service comes with the added benefits of:
Using their Rocket Lawyer Florida address which is


For people working from home, this comes with an advantage of not having to list their details on public records. This different address is also helpful where you wish to avoid having law officers showing up at your place of work. If you ever get sued, you can rest assured that the summons would not come to you, but rather, would be directed to this address.

– Not having to be available during business hours. If you do not delegate this task to another person or company, you will have to wait in your office or place of work in case law officers show up. If ever you are not around, you can miss important documents and reminders and can threaten your status of good standing. Hiring a pro service ensures this does not happen. You will know the agents will always be available and will forward any important documents as soon as they receive them.
– Additional benefits include confidentiality, discretion, professionalism and maintenance of a good standing with the authorities.

If you are interested in reaching this Florida LLC service company and do not want to drop them mail, you can reach them via the website. There is a contact form to fill and the agents will get back to you. Alternatively, you can call the team which is on standby from Monday through Friday from six in the morning till six at night. Their contact is (877) 881-0947.

Which is better LegalZoom or Rocket Lawyer?

Deciding which option is the best for your company can be a bit challenging. Let’s look at this in a few ways:


When it comes to customer volume, this option falls behind. As much as it has millions of clients to its name, its traffic cannot compare to its competitor’s.

Starting in 1999 gives this giant a big leg up in the competition. Anyone looking for experience will consider it for this reason and this earns it quite a number of people.

This company has been faulted for using upsells to generate more revenue. The add-ons suggested throughout the ordering process can be annoying, more so where someone has no intentions of purchasing the added features. They can rack up to $1,000, thus increasing the cost which is already considerably high.

Rocket Lawyer

For a company that started about a decade ago, its customer volume is quite impressive. It currently boasts of more than 20 million customers and counting. Given that it continues to expand its reach, this number will only grow with time.

Since it started in 2008, it cannot compare to companies that started earlier when it comes to experience. As much as its professionalism is good, it has a long way to go to catch up with its predecessor.
The Rocket Lawyer create Florida LLC ordering process gravitates towards getting clients to sign up for a subscription. If people accept, they can start with the 7-day trial to get a feel of how it works. Even so, anyone who does not want this service can find it pushy.

Both focus on legal aspects, with one offering a subscription service while the other offers the services as part of an add-on. Your choice will ultimately come down to your preferences. The above comparisons can make this decision more manageable.

What Is the Rocket Lawyer Customer Support Phone Number and Email?

The customer team is available from six in the morning till six in the evening over the phone. Their contact number is (877) 881-0947. Suppose you want to get in touch with them online, they have not provided an email address. Instead, they have a contact form where you fill in your details and the team will get back to you soonest possible.