Unique Business Name For LLC in Florida

Starting a business is a series of processes. First, you come up with a product you want to offer the market because you want to cater to a need that is not being currently met. Let’s say you decide to sell customized journals to people who want to pen down their thoughts. That becomes your business idea which you can now actualize. The second step is naming your venture. What will you call your business? Is the name acceptable? These and more thoughts begin to cross your mind. A business name is not just a name. It’s how your clients will know you, how your competitors will refer to you and how the authorities will address you. It’s an integral part of your operations and getting it right will make all the difference.

Unique name for business

How to create a unique business name for LLC in Florida

Coming up with a name looks easy but can become quite difficult as you continue with the processes. To come up with an identifier that’s not been used before, you will need to dig deep. Start by brainwriting on your own or adopt brainstorming as a group. Come up with a list of unique business name ideas that you feel speak to the operations of the business. These should be identifiers that will appeal to your target audience now and in the future. Narrow down this list to 5 names your feel scored the most points.

If you have trouble coming up with ideas, there are multiple unique business name generator sites that can help you come up with good identifiers. These sites will take your type of business and your products and will come up with several options you can use. Additionally, you can even get a logo as a bonus.

Your quest does not end here. Instead, you know have to take you choices and run them through a company name search to make sure that nobody else has used them. We will get into this a bit later. Other than a search, you must also ensure that your choices are in line with statutory requirements. The choices must:

  • Contain a suffix that shows your choice of entity.
  • Not contain naming that would make the public think that you have an affiliation with a government agency.
  • Not allude that you will offer professional services unless this is the case and you have documentation supporting the same.

Reasons to Perform an LLC Name Search

  • To prevent confusion. Your identifier might be unique but you may find that you have other companies using a similar or close name. While the name might go through, it might be a bit problematic for you in future where your customers get confused as to which business is yours. It can get even worse in the competing company offers similar products and services. The other company can end up riding on your name and hard work.
  • To check your status. Once you have formally registered your company, you can always look up your name to see if you are in good standing with the authorities.
  • To look up a point of contact. You will need to have someone standing between you and the authorities during your time of operation. If you want to get the details of such a person or company, you do not have to go to them and can achieve this by doing a quick LLC name search Florida.
  • To look up modifications. If you change information about your operations, a search can help you check if the authorities have made the necessary changes to your details.

What does LLC mean after a company name?

This suffix shows the kind of entity you’re running which in this case will be a limited liability company. You have to include this at the end of your identifier or use its Alternative LLC after name company such as:

  • Limited Company
  • L.L.C.
  • LLC
  • L.C.
  • LC

You cannot use a suffix that makes it look like you’re running an entity other than the one you’re running. If you do this, the authorities will reject your application.

Business Name Reservations

The state authorities do not allow people to reserve names. Instead, what you can do is register a name once you’re sure that it’s the identifier you want to operate with. You also have the option to register your DBA in Florida, which allows you to operate using a name that’s different from your legal identifier. For example, you may decide that you want to name your journal business as ABC Journals Florida but want to expand to Miami. You can register ABC journals Miami as your DBA, and keep ABC Journals Florida as your legal name.

Registering a Fictitious Business Name in Florida

1. Publish the name

Use the following phrases in the text:

To register this name, you must publish your intended DBA as well as your legal name in a newspaper as per the statutory requirements. Moreover, you should include where you will operate from.

2. Complete the fictitious business name application

You can do your name registration online or by mail. The forms are available on the state website. Please note that if you make a mistake on the forms and wish to change the name, you can only do this by cancelling your registration and filing again. This back and forth can create a loophole which another entrepreneur can use to take over your name. Also, you can only apply for one DBA per application.

3. Pay for your registration

The last step is to effect the payment which you can do by credit card (when using Sunbiz E-file account) or a check by mail. If you would like to get a certified copy of the registration, you will need to pay an additional fee.

How Long is a Fictitious Business Name Registration Valid in Florida?

Once you register the name, it will remain valid until the 31st of December 5 calendar years from the date of filing. You will need to renew the registration before this time lapses.

How much does it cost to reserve a business name in Florida?

The cost of processing is $50, with an added $30 if you want a certified copy and an added $10 if you want a certificate of Status.

The time taken to get a response from the authorities depends on the amount of traffic during the time of application. Usually, online processing time is business days while mail applications take up to two weeks.