Hi there!

My name is Alex and I am an entrepreneur in Tampa, FL.

I’ve recently launched my first LLC with a limited budget, went through the entire formation process on my own.

After the company was formed, a few friends of mine asked me for details on all the nuances and steps taken. Thus, based on my experience, I created this website to share some insights and discuss everything someone may needed to form an LLC in Florida. 

I hope that my website will save you some time that you can spend on growing your business. Please, note that I am not a lawyer, which means that in case you have any questions or issues related to forming a company in FL, I’m not the one to address. Please, contact a qualified lawyer (or accountant). In all other cases, be my guests!


Brian Skewes

Brian Skewes is a technologist who practices deconstruction. However, he calls himself a general technologist, which includes both technologist and technician. As the former, he likes to take things apart in order to see their innermost secrets and then put them back together. He explains that only a matter of the degree of understanding of the underlying product makes these two terms different. 

To make his hobby of researching useful to someone besides himself, Mr. Skewes has decided to write articles that can make a difference in the lives of real people, help them open their own LLC businesses in Florida, and introduce new technologies into the industry. That’s the short version of how Brian Skewes has swerved into freelance journalism.

With over 20 years of experience in creating and managing small businesses, Brian Skewes is ready to share his expertise with aspiring entrepreneurs. He is a co-author of some of the articles on this site and has also published many articles with useful information and all possible nuances regarding business formation on various Internet websites. One of the main topics of his articles is technology and how it affects people’s lives as well as business development. Mr. Skewes is the author of such articles as 4 Cybersecurity Myths That Can Jeopardize Your Organization, How Savvy Marketers Use Emotional IQ to Boost Conversion Rates, 5 Strategies to Future-Proof Your Online Business, How to Build a Better Brand Through Content Curation, and others.