Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service Review in Florida

For a company that has been around since 1998, this one has done quite well for itself and continues to attract clients by the throngs. Past clients praise this agent of service of process Florida for its professionalism and attention to detail and have admitted as much in their countless reviews. If you’re looking for an organization that will not only help you start your limited liability company but will also take care of your maintenance needs, this is one place you might want to consider. By offering representation, it takes a load of work off your hands and makes your operations much more manageable. Today, we look at this Northwest registered agent review:

What is a registered agent in Florida?

When you start an LLC, you create a legal entity which has rights and obligations as per the law. However, this independent structure has limitations as to what it can and cannot do. For this reason, state law requires that you have an in-between to stand between the authorities and the entity to facilitate communication. This in-between receive documents that relate to the operations in limited liability companies to make sure that the business acts on them as required by the law. You can decide to take on this role yourself or you can hire professional registered agents in Florida that can do the same at a cost.

Northwest Registered Agent Packages

Unlike other business formation services providers who give you tons of options that are packaged in different levels, here, this one offers just one option. If the features in this agent for service of process in Florida option are not adequate for you, there’s always the opportunity to add some of the add-ons at an added cost.

In the one-off package for $ 125, you get:

  • The opportunity to go through the database and make sure that your preferred name is available for use.
  • An agent to help you prepare as well as file your registration documents.
  • A free year of representation. For one year, this registered agent Florida will be in charge of receiving your documents and will forward them to you. If you want to retain the services after this period, you will become subject to their annual fee.
  • An agent to help you draft your operating agreement where you can outline how you will structure your operations.
  • Speedy processing of the filing. As soon as you’re done handing in the LLC Florida documents and the details required, an agent will start working on your status.

The entire package will set you back $225 exclusive of the state fees. The transparent and simple fee structure appears to people who want to be clear on what they’re paying for. If you would like additional Northwest registered agent LLC services, you have the options of:

  • An EIN ($50)
  • Annual compliance filing ($100)
  • An S corporation tax election ($50)
  • A secondary telephone number ($9/month)
  • Corporate supplies – these do not have a standard cost and it depends on what you would like to purchase.

Pros & Cons


  • Great customer support. By having the customer team in-house, Northwest registered agent Florida ensures that the agents are knowledgeable and available to help with any queries. Clients can look forward to getting a helping hand as needed.
  • Free representation. For the year after you purchase their products, the registered agent in Florida will take on the responsibility of a go-between and will ensure that you get your documents in time.
  • Privacy. This Florida LLC registered agent does not take chances with people’s information and has its own servers. Moreover, it does not disclose information to other companies and you can rest assured that your information will remain within the walls.
  • Simplicity. It is easy for you to tell why you’re paying and what services you will get for each amount as opposed to when you’re given one cost where everything is bundled as one.


  • High cost. As much as the fee structure is very simple and straightforward, the starting point in this registered agent services Florida is very high compared to most of the competitors. Some companies even charge almost a fifth of this while even others are open to doing it for no cost at all. As such, if you are working with a strict budget, you might find that this price point might be higher than you would like.
  • Fewer reviews. With reviews being pretty much a currency in this age of technology, the scarcity of third-party customer reviews with this LLC registered agent Florida might be a con for some people.

Should You Start an LLC With Northwest Registered Agent?

You must choose a Northwest Registered Agent if you:

  • Want transparency. By being clear on what costs how much, clients are able to decide whether they are getting value for their money.
  • Want feedback on a regular basis. The agents in this registered agent service Florida are available to offer guidance at each stage of the process, which is helpful to beginners and returning clients.
  • Want privacy. By writing its own code and running its own servers, this company is able to safeguard vital client information. If you would like to keep your information from getting into the wrong hands, you can trust their privacy guarantee.

You shouldn’t choose Northwest Registered Agent if:

  • You are working with a limited budget.
  • Want to work with a company that has a variety of third-party customer reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of the northwest registered agent in Florida?

One very important aspect of starting your business is finding someone who will stand between the business and the authorities. According to the law, this can either be you or can be a company or person you have hired on your behalf. Most people tend to delegate this responsibility because it comes with the added hassle of being available during business hours. If you decide to use Northwest as your in-between, you will have the advantage of also using their address which is 522 W Riverside Ave Suite N, Spokane, WA 99201, United States. For someone working from the comfort of their home, having such an address makes it possible to keep your details private. Plus, it does away with having law officers showing up at your home or place of business and spooking your employees or clients.

What form do you file to change your registered agent in Florida?

People change their points of contact for very many reasons. You may want to move to one that is in line with your budget or may decide to have a professional representing you instead of doing it yourself, or you can even find that the person or company who have hired is not the best for you. Luckily, the law allows you to make the change by filling in a form where you designate the person who is going to take over from the predecessor. This form is known as a Statement of Change and will set you back $25. You need to present this by mail or in-person. If you are not in a hurry, you can also decide to do this when you are filing your annual report. There is the option to change your primary details and you can use this instead and avoid paying additional costs. However, the option you choose comes down to when you make the change. You might not be willing to wait very long until you can file your next report to make this change. In this case, the former option would be the best for you.

What other companies besides Northwest registered agents provide LLC formation services?

The market is awash with various alternatives. From Incfile to Rocket lawyer to ZenBusiness through to LegalZoom, the options are untold. The choice is thus yours when it comes to what works best for your company. When comparing your choices, look at the value you get for your money, how many add-on features are available, reviews left by past customers, the affordability of the services, and the availability of customer support. Also, consider how suitable the service is based on your business needs, and narrow your choices down based on this.

Why Hire A Florida Registered Agent Service?

If you are questioning why you need to go professional, you are not alone. But here’s the thing with representation. Whoever you choose, whether it’s you or someone in the organization or a friend, has to be available during business hours. Failure to this, law officers can show up with important documents and not find someone who they can serve with the papers. People have had court cases continue and reach judgment stages yet they were not even aware that the cases were going on. You can very easily lose your good standing with the state just because you were not available to receive documents. It is for this reason that many people opt to have professionals stand in for them because they are assured of accountability.

Other than this, you can also look forward to privacy because you will not have to share your address in public records. If the officers have anything to bring to you, they will do so through your point of contact and will not show up at your place of work. As such, you need not worry that they could spook your employees or customers when delivering documents.