Forms and Fees

The table below provides a list of forms that are used to register a business in Florida, as well as the commission that need paid when submitting this form

Form NameFeeDownload
Articles of Organization$125PDF ONLINE
Statement of Registered Agent/Registered Office Change$25PDF
Resignation of a Registered Agent$85PDF
Resignation or Dissociation of Member or Manager$25PDF
Articles of Dissolution$25PDF ONLINE
Notice of Dissolution*$25PDF
Revocation of Dissolution$100PDF
Articles of Domestication**$125PDF
Interest Exchange$25PDF

*No charge if included with Articles of Dissolution. If filed separately $25.00
**Filing Fee for Articles of Organization and Designation of Registered Agent – $125.00

Abandonment Forms

Form NameFeeDownload
Abandon Merger$25PDF
Abandon Conversion$25PDF
Abandon Interest Exchange$25PDF

Conversion Forms

Form NameFeeDownload
Florida LLC into Florida Profit Corporation$105PDF
Florida LLC into “Other Business Entity”$25PDF
“Other Business Entity” into Florida LLC$150PDF

Merger Form

Form NameFeeDownload
Certificate of Merger for Florida LLC
(Chapter 605, F.S.)

Statement Forms

Form NameFeeDownload
Statement of Withdrawal$25PDF
Statement of Denial$25PDF
Statement of Termination$25PDF
Statement of Authority$25PDF
Amend or Cancel Statement of Authority$25PDF
Statement of Correction$25PDF

Limited Liability Company Fees

New Florida/Foreign LLC

Filing Fee (required)$100.00
Registered Agent Fee (required)$25.00
Certified Copy (optional)$30.00
Certificate of Status (optional)$5.00

Annual Reports

Annual Report (with supplemental fee)$138.75
Annual Report (received after May 1st)
Amended Annual Report$50.00

Other Filings

ServiceFeeAdditional Fees
Any Other Amendment$25
Name Reservation$25
Articles of Correction$25
Articles of Dissolution/Withdrawal$25
Articles of Revocation of Dissolution$100
Certificate of Conversion$25+ new entity filing fee, if applicable
Certificate of Merger$25per party (unless otherwise specified)
Change of Registered Agent$25
Member, Managing Member or Manager Resignation$25
Registered Agent Resignation (active)$85
Registered Agent Resignation (dissolved)$25
Reinstatement Fee$100+ each year annual report fee